Yamaha T7 Concept

By | December 26, 2016


Some more information has been found on the T7 Yamaha destined to be released during the second half of 2017. It has been confirmed that this bike is a combined effort between the official Yamaha Factory Rally race team based in France, the firm’s R&D department in Italy and GK Design in Netherlands. Although nothing official from Yamaha, the off-road credentials of the bike is obvious; 18 Inch rear and 21 Inch front with big bash plate. The Images do not show a main-stand but if the bike is going to be offered as a real off-road adventure bike that might have to be an option. What we’re very excited about is the use of the MT07 motor; with this engine’s easy to ride and flat torque curve characteristics it will make the perfect engine for this application. It’s fine for long haul tar roads and the motor has enough pep to make things interesting on the dirt. Also the 270 degree crank make for a pleasant V-twin like sound from the parallel twin, arguable the best engine configuration for a true adventure bike with weight distribution as a major factor in the decision making process.

Chassis-wise the suspension, with upside down forks up front and single shock at the back, seems to offer long travel which, for serious off-roaders, is imperative. Something that we hope will be kept but doubt from the images here is the aluminium tank, expect either plastic or steel for the production model. We’ve now seen the Yamaha Dakar bike next to this bike in the flesh and if the production model is not going to be too far off these images, we can only predict good sales for this T7.