Beginners: Must Avoid Mistakes While Riding Motorcycle

By | May 25, 2017

Most of the Motorcycle enthusiasts just jump at the idea of exploring the world on their beast. The motorcycle ride is associated with thrill, independence and close proximity to nature. If you are one of those who is already on the path of learning how to ride a Motorcycle and have all the safety gears ready or are the one who has the list ready and is just waiting to start the next step here is an interesting read which will answer a lot of those mind-boggling questions that may be troubling you for long.

Common mistakes people make while riding a Motorcycle:

Which one to buy?

The answer is in small, easy to handle, easy to manoeuvre Motorcycle. It is common to get tempted and buy the power packed beast, but right now it might not be the best choice. It is tested that smaller features allow the riders to get their hands on the bike better and with the learning graph growing you can always scale up later with more confidence and power.

One step at a time!

Most of us feel that the moment we have touched the beast we should take it to all places possible. Hold on! The trick is to take small and easy steps, the places with the heavy traffic increase the risk for the rider. Unknown and challenging roads are a strict no at this point. The best start is to get the grip of the bike and get comfortable and then jump on the next step. It is not only safe but is enjoyable as well, why enter the worry some congested areas when riding option is open area is available.

Make yourself visible

This is especially when one is now driving in close-packed traffic. Most of the drivers are in a hurry and they may take last minutes decision that may put you in a difficult spot. Make sure that you follow the traffic rules here. The drivers in your close proximity should be aware of your presence. Make eye contacts, use lights if needed, give indicators so that your stand and next actions are easily identifiable.

Drive Solo

Beginners feel that having a partner will ease things out, but the reality is different. The responsibility of the pillion is on the biker hence new bikers should avoid biking in groups or riding with a company. This may be risky as the bike dynamics change completely when one has company.
Remember riding is for fun, but your safety comes first.